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Forgetful [Jul. 24th, 2014|10:53 pm]
It was another quiet day, although when I walk across the back yard I now hear the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. The heat has cause the oaks to begin shedding early this year, so it's like having summer and fall at the same time. But the leaves don't have fall colors. They are a dull gray or pale brown, which is what happens to leaves killed by heat. I should start raking them, as it isn't good to have a lot of dead leaves lying about the yard during fire season. But when I rake them I will see the dead, brown lawn that they are currently obscuring. It's going to look dry out there no matter what I do.

The landscape is nicer at night, when it is all dark shapes and deep shadows. This will be another moonless night, as the waning crescent won't appear until near dawn. But a few evenings hence I will see the waxing crescent appear in the west just after sunset. That will lend a bit of interest to the hotter evenings that are coming next week. Have I mentioned that I'm already very much over this summer? I think I have.

I lose track of the date, and I just noticed that today was a watering day. I didn't water, and now it's too late, especially with no moonlight. I guess the oleanders will just have to get a bit dryer. Their flowers are already turning brown, but I'm not going to stumble around in the dark to irrigate them. They probably won't die before Saturday. I think I will give the rose bushes some water, though. They are close to the back porch and the light from the kitchen window illuminates them. I really must get that burned-out back porch light replaced eventually.