rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There were some Friday-only bargains at Safeway, so I decided to get my main shopping for the week out of the way today. It's going to be hotter Sunday than it was today. I didn't go to the other store because I wanted to get home to watch something on television, which means I'll have to go out again, but probably not Sunday. There's actually a 20% chance of rain on Sunday, which means it will be muggy and unpleasant, so I'm aiming for Monday or Tuesday to complete my shopping. The other store is closer than Safeway, anyway, so I only have to be out for a short time when I go only there.

Even though the weather has cooled from last week's horrendous highs, the heat has still taken a toll on me and I remain far less energetic than I usually am during the milder parts of the year. There's not much I can do about it, though. I got my electric statement today and the small amount of air conditioning I used in late June and early July added about thirty dollars to my bill. To stay really comfortable all the time would probably cost me over a hundred a month, and that isn't going to happen.

My one night of sustained sleep did not recur last night. In fact I didn't get to sleep until almost five o'clock in the morning, then woke up about eight, then went back to sleep before nine and woke again at eleven. That was more like a pair of long naps than actual sleep. As I got no nap this afternoon maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight. The house is almost cool enough to be comfortable, and probably will be comfortable by midnight, so chances are good. I just hope no good movies come on tonight. They would either keep me awake or I'd go to sleep and miss them, and would feel bad either way.
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