rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Forked

The sultry afternoon has gathered a blanket of clouds, but will bring no rain. It's just as well. The water would only fill the brown lawns with dandelions and make the air humid. A bit of a breeze would be nice, though. The air is so still the trees look as though they were carved from jade, and the silence of the unrustled leaves is as heavy as the heat or the thick, cloud-shaded light.

I took a shower this morning before the house got too hot, but I might as well not have bothered. I feel as sticky as a slug, and as sluggish. I've turned the air conditioner on two hours before I'd intended to, the house has stored so much heat. It's time to cut open this week's watermelon. It will serve in lieu of dinner. I'd like to think that my diminished appetite is saving me as much money as I'm spending on electricity to cool the house, but alas it isn't so. Watermelons aren't cheap this year.

If the forecast holds, a few cooler nights are coming, and I might be able to do without the machinery for a few days, but one never knows, weather forecasting still being nearly as much divination as science and thus a matter of lucky, or unlucky, guesses. I hope to get lucky this week. Beyond that, who knows? An article I read said that three times as many Americans die of heat as from hurricanes. The way I've felt for the last couple of weeks I believe it.

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