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Stick a Fork In Me [Jul. 14th, 2014|03:18 pm]
The forecast is now saying that the high temperatures for the rest of the week will be in the low nineties. It's currently 101 here, and will probably get a bit hotter before the sun goes down, so the low nineties sounds positively delightful. The nights wills till be in the high sixties, though, so I 'll still have to use some air conditioning to cool the house off in the evening or I'll never get to sleep. When I get too hot I don't fall asleep so much as just go comatose.

Last night I went comatose even with the air conditioner on, and failed to open the windows. I got them open when I woke up about half past five this morning, annoyed with myself that I had used air conditioning to keep the house at 76 when it was only about 70 outside, and I could have cooled it off much less expensively had I only gotten the windows open and turned the fan on before passing out around midnight.

Today, of course, is dismal. Stepping outside is a Hansel and Gretel moment, except that the wicked witch doesn't want me to be cooked. No, she is now a major stockholder in PG&E, and wants me to pay her a fortune for electricity so I can save my life with air conditioning. I think I'll just fool her and die.

Portia is annoying me, too. She keeps wanting to curl up on my lap every time I sit, or next to me when I'm lying down, and it's way to hot to have a furry feline furnace touching me. I'm thinking of replacing her with a nice, cold-blooded snake. I think I'll name it Popsicle.

Mmmm, Popsicles.