rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon I was on my back porch when I heard a big chunk of tree fall somewhere nearby. I looked everywhere I can see from the yard and saw no evidence of such an event, but the sound was unmistakable, so the fallen branch must be hidden by buildings. I'm pretty sure it was out beyond my back fence. The fall was preceded several seconds earlier by a loud cracking sound, which I thought was a large pine cone hitting a metal roof, but then the unmistakable sound of a tree splitting came and I reflexively ducked. I thought it was the big oak next door, which leans over the den and back porch of my house.

I wasn't sure that I wasn't about to get crushed myself until the noise stopped when the branch that fell hit the ground, or whatever it hit. When big branches hit the ground they usually make a big thump, and I didn't hear a big thump so I think this one might have sideswiped another tree that broke its fall. It annoys me that I couldn't see the site. Nobody from any nearby houses came out to see what had happened. They probably all had their air conditioners going and thus didn't hear the event.

Anyway, that was the most excitement we've had around her in a long time, and apparently I'm the only person in the neighborhood who knows about it. Well, except for whoever has to clean up a fallen branch in their yard.

Tonight the house might actually get cool enough that I'll be able to sleep comfortably. It will be nice not to wake up soggy for a change. And maybe tomorrow I'll hear chain saws revealing the location of today's arboreal disaster.

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