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Learned Gentleman Blatherskites - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Learned Gentleman Blatherskites [Jul. 5th, 2014|02:26 pm]
An item published in The Topeka Daily Capital, April 2, 1905:

"London, April 1— 'It appears to me that the red Indian is not such a fool as many in English towns,' says Dr. Butler-Hogan, medical officer for Tottenham, in his annual report. The Indian marries a squaw, he says, who can cook, nurse, make moccasins. and even repair the wigwam, but 'the wretched lad of our towns marries a tawdry slut who can, as a rule, do none of these things.' It is from this latter class, says the doctor, that the children proceed who are 'bold, pert and dirty as a London sparrow, who cheek the "guv'nor" and despise and ignore "the old woman."'"
Ah, pity the poor English yob who ventures unfed from his leaky wigwam and takes to the filthy London streets without moccasins, while his unwashed offspring (who might well grow up to call women such things as "tawdry sluts") hurl snark after him! No wonder England couldn't win World War I without the intervention of the American Indians!