rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Seecrit Message

Somebody I haven't seen in close to half a century just turned up on a web site* I haven't frequented in close to a decade. A decade ago I'd have been excited by this, but now it just makes me feel old. Anyway, if the guy wants to connect with me he'll have to do it someplace like Facedbook, which, annoying as it is, at least allows communication to take place. That other place doesn't even have message boards anymore, and only allows direct messages between paying members. Still, the site itself sends teasing messages hoping that you'll come back and give them some money to find out who is looking for you and what they said. The dismal site will never lure me, though.

And today I hardly even communicated with myself. I'm pretty much a diurnal zombie in this heat, and don't really wake up until the evening brings its cooler air. Then I go out and listen to The Cricket (there's still only one I can hear) and sniff one of the last three jasmine blossoms that remain on the hedge. Today was an even-numbered day so this evening I got to water some of the plants, too. The gloaming was nice, but the neighbors have taken to leaving their porch lights on far into the night, and that limits the amount of space I've got to wander around in. Once full night arrives the porch light glare is very annoying, and spoils the serenity. All I can do is sit on the small part of my back porch that doesn't get the direct light.

I didn't hear even the distant sound of fireworks tonight, as I had to leave the air conditioner on until almost ten o'clock. It's a very noisy old machine and makes a terrible racket while wasting energy, and it drowned out any booms that might have reached here from the fireworks shows in the valley. It's off now, and if the neighbors will turn off their porch light before the moon vanishes I'll be able to spend at least a few pleasant minutes outside watching it. It's the only thing that makes up for these torrid days.

*, which is now so far down in the Alexa ratings that it makes nearly-vacant LJ look like Grand Central Station in 1944 by comparison.
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