rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Envying Insomnia

The Terrible Heat (will be worse tomorrow) didn't prevent me from shopping, but didn't prevent me from falling asleep after I got home— did the opposite of preventing me from falling asleep. That's what happens when I don't get my afternoon nap, and the drawn drapes dim the harsh light the west throws at the house. But then waking at dusk is always disorienting, and I'll feel out of sorts all night now.

I should eat something. Skipping dinner two nights in a row is probably not a good idea. I'd rather go outside and feel the blessed coolness, though. Maybe it will dispel this lingering drowsiness. Maybe the summer stars have something to tell me that isn't going to be on television or the Internet. Maybe it won't feel as late out there as it does in here.

Sunday Verse


by Kevin Young

I wake to the cracked plate
of moon being thrown

across the room-
that'll fix me

for trying sleep.
Lately even night

has left me-
now even the machine

that makes the rain
has stopped sending

the sun away.
It is late,

or early, depending-

who's to say.
Who's to name

these ragged stars, this
light that waters

down the insomniac dark
before I down

it myself.
Sleep, I swear

there's no one else-
raise me up

in the near-night
& set me like

a tin toy to work,
clanking in the bare

broken bright.


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