rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Catch Up

The web site with which I most frequently cheat on LiveJournal also sends me notifications of comments, but they've been missing for about six weeks. Today they started coming in. There have been about sixty so far, and the most recent is from a comment made on June 3. It has just about caught up, and there will probably be no more than a dozen before it is up-to-date, but getting caught up myself has been time-consuming. I've spent most of the day dealing with them as they've dribbled in, and it's left not much time for anything else. I'm glad this didn't happen on a shopping day.

The cooler weather is a delight. I was able to leave the windows open until early afternoon, and reopen them about sunset. The house smells much better when I can open it up longer, and that improves my mood. There's a possibility that an El Nino condition is forming in the Pacific, and that usually means a milder summer and a wetter fall and winter. That would be a very good thing, even though El Nino rains are usually warmer than normal winter rains, and thus the snow pack could be a bit thin again this coming winter. But more rain is good. I'll take it.

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