rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Last night I put the hose on the sourgrass after midnight, then I forgot that it was on and fell asleep and it ran in one spot all night. I'll have to get the rest of the front yard watered before midnight tonight. I hope I don't fall asleep with the water still running again. At least all the water sank into the ground and didn't run down the pavement.

The full moon was quite impressive this evening, rising among the pine trees. I got hung up watching it and stayed out for half an hour, but I got a couple of mosquito bites as a reward. Every time I scratch I think of the full moon. There haven't been many mosquitoes this year, probably because all the standing water dried up so soon. Somebody else must have left their hose on, too, but not on soft soil that would soak the water up.

It wasn't too hot today, and the house is cooling off nicely. It's supposed to get hot again next week, but not as hot as this week did. I'm still going to go back out for a while tonight and enjoy the coolness, mosquitoes or not. There's a nice breeze coming up, and the leaves are rustling, so there'll be something to listen to even though the crickets are silent. It actually feels like spring, and there wasn't enough spring this year.

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