rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Signs and Portents

The LJ staff has been talking to us again, and actually listening. It turns out that the site has new management (thanks to lavendertook for the link.) SUP, our old new Russian Overlords, to whom we were sold by our wicked stepmother, got merged with another (and rather mysterious) set of Russian Overlords, and the new board hired Katya Akudovich to be our new Dark Mistress (she's much to young to be a stepmother.)

I don't know if this is going to work out or not. The rejuvenation of official recognition of the users (aka content providers) is encouraging, and the TechCrunch article does say that the new management is committed to anonymity (LJ "will never ask its users to identify themselves") so Dark Mistress, though she formerly worked for Google, was apparently not involved in the Google + fiasco that I groused about at the bottom of Monday's post.

On the other hand, Dark Mistress was, according to her thumbnail bio at Capitalist Chicks (oy, what a name) "International Director at Students for Liberty," which is a libertarian (or flibertytarian) organization that was funded by Charles Koch (Google cache of the page which the Charles Koch Foundation has taken down from its own web site,) Master of Astroturf Organizations. While Dark Mistress does not appear on Students for Liberty's present Leadership page, I don't know that she has severed ties with the outfit, or if she remains sympathetic to the plutocratic goals of the Koch brothers. Perhaps she is another beautiful but evil Arianna Huffington who has found an Al Franken— or, if she hasn't, perhaps LiveJournal itself is to be her Strange Bedfellow.

In any case, the events have filled me with hope and trepidation. Maybe this Vasty Virtual Hall of Death can be brought back to life, or maybe Dark Mistress will merely turn us into an Army of the Undead, condemned to do Her bidding. Is she secretly an agent of Vlad the Inhaler (of power), or of Charles the Grotty Koch, or is she truly committed to not only rejuvenating LJ, but defending it from such malign influences? And what of her mysterious bosses? What the hell is the "ANN Investment Group" anyway? It has made itself invisible on the Internets, as far as I can tell.

What is to become of us? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and the quote in the Tech Crunch article from Salon's article calling LJ an "outdated blogging platform most often associated with teens from 2004." LOL sclerotic Salon, the Methuselah of Internet news sites, calling LJ outdated!

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