rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


An ambulance and fire truck just went up the block. My guess would be somebody had heat stroke. I've decided to keep spending more time outside now that the evening is cooling just a bit rather than turn on that costly air conditioner. So far I've avoided heat stroke myself. About ten percent of my jasmine blossoms did get heat stroke today. They are turning brown faster than usual, because temperatures are still about ten to fifteen degrees above normal for early June. I usually have jasmine into early July, but it probably won't last that long this year. The heat has come at the worst time for them.

A disturbing percentage of the oleander leaves are turning yellow, too, most likely because I've been shorting their water ration. That might have been unwise. If they die they will become big balls of flammable material right next to my wooden fence. Well, I can't do anything about it tonight because this isn't one of my watering days. If I'm still awake at midnight maybe I'll go put the hose on them, because technically it will then be before ten o'clock in the morning of an even-numbered day. Then all I'll have to do is remember to turn the water off before ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

Back outdoors before I pass out myself.

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