rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I can't even remember if I posted an entry already today or not. I probably haven't, because I've been so distracted. It was head-yanking day at the chiropractor, and a couple of the adjustments were difficult, but I do actually feel better for having had them. Sometimes it takes a while for the benefit to show up, but today it was immediate. I probably won't feel so good tomorrow, though, as there is often a delayed soreness that sets in. At least I have nothing strenuous to do tomorrow, so I can laze about.

It's been getting a bit hotter each day for the last several days, but tomorrow will bring a temporary reversal. It won't be very cool, but it won't be too bad. The next day is probably going to go full-on torrid, though, and it will be like that for the rest of the week. I'm going to give the plants a thorough watering tomorrow evening to get them through the hot spell. The jasmine will be especially important, as I want to be sure to have fragrance when I take refuge from the hot house in the cool evenings outdoors.

Look how late it's getting. I haven't even had dinner yet. Time to heat that can of chili. Getting hotter inside makes me feel cooler outside.

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