rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A while ago I heard ducks quacking nearby. They sounded angry— but then ducks always sound angry. I don't think they would be wild ducks at this time of year, so I suspect one of the neighbors of having acquired a flock. There are already people with chickens in the neighborhood. Now ducks? How rustic.

Or maybe the people with chickens have gotten a couple of watch ducks to keep the feral cats away. A dog might drive cats away only to go after the chickens himself, but I don't think ducks eat chickens. Anyway, I'm hearing ducks, and so are the local dogs who are making subdued barks at the unfamiliar noise.

It was a fairly hot day, but the evening is cooling nicely once again. I'm dreading the prospect of nights that fail to cool off, and I hope they don't come until July at the earliest. Better if they don't come at all, but that's a wish unlikely to be granted.

The lawns are sporting their last green blades. As soon as they get mowed again their brown roots will show. If they don't get mowed they will turn brown anyway, but will be messier and more prone to burning. That's why they'll have to be mowed while still green, or greenish. A lawn down the block just got mowed and the evening smells like fresh grass because those people are still watering. When mine gets mowed it will smell more like cereal than fresh grass because of its relative dryness.

In computer news, the program that cleaned up Butch helped a bit. You Tube videos don't stall as often as they did before, and don't stay stalled for as long. The application has a "Clean RAM" button, which can be pushed to free up space when Butch gets cloggy, and that also helps a bit. He still has to go into semi-retirement, though. After almost a decade I guess he deserves a rest. I think I deserve a rest too, but I'm not going to get one soon. Too much stuff still to be done.

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