rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday Weather Report

It cooled off a bit today, so it was almost like spring again. It will be cooler still tomorrow, which will be nice for going shopping, and it won't get really hot again until the middle of the week. There is a possibility of a thunderstorm Wednesday, which would be distressing. The fields are already drying out, and last night there were few frogs croaking, so lighting would bring considerable danger, and a storm this late in the season wouldn't be apt to bring enough rain to dampen any fires that might get started. It is also likely to get very hot after that, too, and there are few things as unpleasant as smoky air on hot days.

The sky was not quite clear most of the morning, and took on a steely look even though it remained blue. The overcast began to differentiate itself into thin clouds by late afternoon, but those have since vanished except for a patch above the mountains. The usual haze hangs over the valley. I doubt that there will be much color for sunset. I'm hoping for a breeze to come up this evening so I can listen to the leaves rustle. They've been terribly still all day.

The birds haven't been still, though. I've seldom heard so much chatter sustained for so many hours. I'll bet they're up to something, and it's probably going to lead to still more birds in a few weeks. Well, as long as no jays build nests full of screechy youngsters near my house I don't care what they do. I have a covered porch to sit on, so I have little risk of being shat on.

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