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There's been disruption the last couple of weeks and things are in disarray, which has put me out of sorts. The plans I had were demolished, and I can't make new plans until the disruption ends. The post-disruption plans are apt to be quite different than the pre-disruption plans, so I feel displaced and uncertain. What little routine I had left is now gone, and I miss it sorely. I'll be glad when things are back to normal— or what passes for normal anymore.

Naturally in this state I forgot things at the store today, and will have to go out again to get them. More disruption, but minor compared to what else is going on. One good thing is that the pine pollen is diminishing. We're not supposed to be using water to wash pavement this year, but I washed that in the back yard anyway to rid myself of what pollen was there. I hope I don't have to do it again. The neighbors might rat me out to the water police. What a year this is turning into!

Sunday Verse

Atlantis- A Lost Sonnet

by Eavan Boland

How on earth did it happen, I used to wonder
that a whole city—arches, pillars, colonnades,
not to mention vehicles and animals—had all
one fine day gone under?

I mean, I said to myself, the world was small then.
Surely a great city must have been missed?
I miss our old city —

white pepper, white pudding, you and I meeting
under fanlights and low skies to go home in it. Maybe
what really happened is

this: the old fable-makers searched hard for a word
to convey that what is gone is gone forever and
never found it. And so, in the best traditions of

where we come from, they gave their sorrow a name
and drowned it.

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