rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Tonight, I was able to leave my windows open past midnight. I also got to smell the first skunk of the season. It wasn't too close, but not to distant, either. It was just right.

This may seem strange, but I have always enjoyed the smell of skunk when it is not too close. A hint of skunk floating on the breeze gives the night air an interesting bite. I suppose this is rather like the pleasure some derive from smelly cheeses. Both are most likely acquired tastes. I can do without most cheeses, but I'd miss the smell of skunk if I had to live in a place that was without the stinky little beasts.

Well, I'm sure that, as summer comes on, there will be many more nights on which I shall have this peculiar pleasure. And, if there are too few such nights, I can always buy a six pack of cheap beer just past its "sell by" date. That's guaranteed to be skunky.

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