rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Goodbye, last cool day. I'll probably miss you a lot by tomorrow afternoon, when the temperature starts pushing ninety, but at least the bees will be back to finish the pollinating they had to give up while the days were chilly. It's probably too late for the walnut tree, though. Its blossoms have turned brown. I'm guessing there won't be much of a crop this year.

I'll probably be sneezing a lot tomorrow, too, as the pollen that will bring the bees will also trigger my allergies. It's been nice to have a week mostly free of them, but nothing lasts forever. I'll enjoy the treacherous fresh, warm air as best I can, and keep the tissues handy.

My neck has been really creaky today, and it's a week until my next appointment with the chiropractor. Today would have been the best day to get rid of some weeds, while it was still cool and the ground was still a bit damp, but my neck kept protesting every time I tried. It probably won't improve any time soon. Looks like the weeds get a week or more of reprieve. By then the ground will be so dry that I'll probably have to water them before I can deal with them. It's a good thing the nettles and foxtails haven't yet grown to the point where they will be a problem for the feral cats.

One good thing about the hot day tomorrow is that I've still got some frozen fruit bars. They will do much to improve the afternoon. I hope I remember that they are there. I'm always forgetting stuff these days.

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