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Damp It All [Apr. 25th, 2014|10:06 pm]
Morning brought intermittent sprinkles that kept the leaves wet and the lawn sparkling, but never more than speckled the pavement. Serious rain finally began to fall in early afternoon, and since then has managed to give the ground a decent soaking, though probably not enough to keep it from getting thirsty again in two or three days unless there is more rain. There is some chance of rain Sunday, but not much. There's a very good chance that today's was the last rain we'll see until autumn, or even next winter.

Worse, next week is expected to bring the first heat wave of the year, with temperatures getting into the high eighties on Wednesday and Thursday. Well, it is about to be May, so I guess I ought to have expected it. Heat in May is tolerable, however unwelcome, but it makes me dread the prospect of summer all the more.