rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So far, the rain that was supposed to come today has amounted to a sprinkle that lasted around 90 seconds, right around dusk. The chance of rain tomorrow is supposed to be 75%, but then it was supposed to be about that today, too. I'm not holding my breath. No point, as it's clear that I'm unlikely to end up under water. The yard really needs that rain, too, as I've held off irrigating in anticipation of free water. The lilacs have already died back, though I think that's more the result of the sudden chilly nights than of the lack of water. Still, I runt he risk of a yard full of brown plants if I don't get rain and don't irrigate. If there's no rain by Sunday (the last day any is predicted) then I'll haul out the garden hose.

I'm likely to be very busy the next couple of weeks. Things are going on that are busy-making but not especially worthy of words. Maybe I'll write something about it after it's all over and my normal boredom is restored. Until then I might be scarce. The weather will just have to happen without my assistance.

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