rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Let It Pour

Somebody is shooting in the canyon this evening. They've been at it for about an hour. As always, the sound of gunfire echoing through the woods makes me nostalgic for Los Angeles on a Saturday night. I'm wondering if maybe the shooters watched Annie Get Your Gun on television the other night. But then I don't hear any strains of Irving Berlin songs wafting on the evening breeze. It will be getting dark soon, so the gunfire will probably end and I'll be able to listen to the frogs and crickets as usual.

It has been overcast most of the day, but so far there hasn't been any rain. It is supposed to begin later tonight. Despite the clouds the day was fairly warm, and the rain is likely to be warm as well. Warm spring rains here often bring thunder and lightning, and sometimes power outages. Another storm is due Thursday. I'm glad of the rain, as water restrictions have been imposed. I can only water the yard on even-numbered days until further notice, and the irrigation district is aiming for an average 20% reduction in water use from last year. I've already been letting my grass die back in the summer for the last few years, so I don't have much wiggle room. I guess the shrubs will have to make do with less.

A nephew is coming to fix the broken light switch in the hallway, and I hope he gets here and finishes before any storm begins. A thunderstorm is no time to be doing electrical stuff. I have to go feed the feral cats before he gets here, too, as most of them scatter when company comes.

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