rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Later Than I Think

Clouds began gathering late this afternoon, and this evening a breeze came up. It smells like rain, but the forecast says probably not, at least not until next Tuesday. It's unfortunate that I forgot to open my windows until after three o'clock, and then fell asleep and left them open too long as the day cooled. Now the house probably won't stay warm all night without having the furnace on.

I did manage to get something done today, though. Laundry. Lots of laundry. Now I'm almost out of unscented detergent. There's plenty of the smelly stuff because I avoid using it except in emergencies. I don't know if I can fit more unscented detergent into this week's grocery budget, but I suppose I should try. I hate having my clothes smell of that vile perfume the soap companies use. Sometimes it even gives me headaches.

Somehow I misplaced Wednesday, and kept thinking it was today until a couple of hours ago when I realized it was Thursday. That's what I get for canceling the newspaper subscription. The computer has that little pop-up date over the clock, but I never think to check it. When I had the newspaper the date was the first thing I looked at. That's probably why calenders make me crave orange juice.

Late dinner.

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