rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I got to see most of the eclipse last night. A few clouds gathered after all, but they were mostly in the east near the horizon, so by the time the partial eclipse began the moon was clear of most of them. The moon didn't turn red until it was fully eclipsed, and it was much darker than I had expected it to be. It looked less like blood than like and old scab, but I guess scab moon wouldn't be as evocative an epithet as blood moon. Mars, which is currently about as close the Earth as it gets, became very bright once the moon was occluded. It was only a few degrees from the moon. I was getting tired by the time the moon began to emerge from the umbra, so I went indoors and fell asleep within a few minutes. I don't know if I dreamed about the eclipse or not, because I seldom remember my dreams. I probably dream mostly about cats, anyway.

Speaking of cats, I think one of the ferals caught one of the butterflies who have been visiting my lilac bushes lately. It was about mid-afternoon. I didn't actually see the catch, but I saw the cat making leaps and grabbing, and then saw it munching something, but I wasn't close enough to identify what it was. A butterfly is most likely, though. They are slow enough to be easy prey for cats. Maybe that's why I don't see very many of them any more.

I haven't had my dinner yet tonight. That's mostly thanks to the computer being slow all day and delaying everything. It's too late to do any proper cooking, so it will probably be a can of chili. What with all the quick crap I've been eating lately, it's a wonder I haven't developed terminal indigestion. Just lucky, I guess.

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