rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Eclipse Night Minus 2

There were butterflies around the lilacs again today, and lots of other little insects flying about the balmy garden. But because the day was not as warm as yesterday I had to close my windows at five o'clock this evening, and the house only got up to 69 degrees (yesterday it went over 70.) That means the furnace might come on sometime after midnight tonight. Tomorrow morning might be chilly, too, but it should warm up again before I go shopping in the afternoon. I'm wondering if I should try to find some special eclipse-related snacks. Moon Pies, perhaps, or maybe a blood orange. Neither of them would go well with beer, though, and I intend to toast the moon with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye. Maybe I'll just make popcorn.

The approaching celestial event has driven everything else out of my mind, so I have nothing else to say. Tomorrow I'll probably be even closer to speechless. I hope I don't forget Sunday Verse.

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