rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Eclipse Evening -3

I don't think the furnace went on once last night. The house got warm enough yesterday to prevent the thermostat from dropping that low. Today was even warmer, and the evening is so mild that I went out without wearing a hoodie and watched the moon for a while. The frog chorus has grown and its singing fills the night, which smells of growing grass. I didn't have to close the windows until dusk. I even let the house cool off a bit from its afternoon peak. It really feels like spring now. It must feel like spring to the feral cats, too, as they are nowhere to be found. They must be out exploring their territory.

Of course I've been sneezing all day, and I'm still sneezing now, but the mild weather itself is such a pleasant change that I don't mind. I've got plenty of tissues. I've got hot peppers to go with my dinner of microwaved burritos too, and they are very good for clearing the sinuses. I also laundered the blankets today and vacuumed the carpets to help keep the indoor pollen down. The worst of it is actually still ahead, when the pine trees begin spewing, and I want to be in the best shape possible when that day comes. Then I'll keep the yard sprinkled, no matter how short we are of water.

Tomorrow is going to be cooler than today was. It will be in the mid-seventies rather than the low eighties. Also, the clouds predicted for Monday have been canceled. There will be nothing to interfere with the eclipse unless a big fire gets started or Mount Lassen erupts. The former is a possibility, but the latter is very unlikely. If one of the two does happen, though, I hope it's the latter. A volcanic eruption is about the only thing that would me more interesting to see than the eclipse.

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