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So my neck is adjusted for another month, and I hope it stays that way all month. What with all the sneezing the pollen season brings there is a risk of having it thrown out of whack early. I'll have to be careful during the eclipse, too, if I get to see it. Nothing gets my neck out of place faster than craning it to look at the sky. That's what I've got the chaise lounge for, but sometimes I can't resist an extra look as I'm coming out or going in, and that's usually when I hear that telltale creak that means I've been careless.

This evening there's nothing to crane my neck at but birds. They are out in greater numbers now that the weather has turned mild. The feral cats are going crazy because the birds are too fast for them. I've seen one hunt after another come to nothing when the quarry goes airborne at the last minute. I think those birds actually enjoy teasing the cats that way.

Even though I closed them during my trip to the chiropractor, the windows were open fully six hours today, and the house smells better than it has for months. That winter stuffiness is gone. I'll get to keep fresh air circulating by day until the weather turns too hot, and then I'll be able to keep it fresh by night when I'm cooling the house off. The only thing that could interfere with fresh air for the next few months would be either an unexpected return of cold weather or a wildfire spewing smoke. I'm hoping we don't get either, of course, but I'm especially hoping we don't get any fires. It would be an unusual year if we didn't, of course, especially considering what a dry winter it was, but the longer fire season is delayed the better.

I don't know if I got up too early, or if the neck adjustment wore me out, or if there's something in the air, but I'm really tired this evening. At least I've gotten something written before collapsing into an unintentional nap. Now if I can get my dinner before I flake out I can call it a good day.

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