rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Here It Is

Open windows warmed the house all afternoon, and it is still warm tonight. The bees have appeared. One followed me around the yard this morning, although I have no resemblance to a flower. It didn't seem to be put off by my sneezes. By evening I felt woozy and a little bit disoriented. I suspect that some plant is releasing psychoactive pollen again. Luckily it hasn't given me any hallucinations so far, but it's like being a little bit drunk. I'm having more trouble than usual organizing my thoughts, and this entry is going to be giving spellcheck a real workout. Maybe it was the mildness and maybe it was thee pollen, but the day urned into slow motion, and I still haven't had my dinner. I didn't even get the wheelie bin out to the street until after nine o'clock. If I'm this loopy tomorrow it will be interesting. I have an appointment with the chiropractor. I don't think he can fix spring fever, though.

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