rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was very little rain today, but only a modest amount of sunshine, so it was on the whole pleasant. One of the feral cats spent much of the afternoon on the roof worrying birds. There were lots of birds out. They seem unconcerned by the clouds, and don't intend to let anything interfere with their enjoyment of spring— not even the cat. There was much singing, and quite a bit of flying after one another that appeared to be related to mating. Whatever the weather might be this summer, I expect no shortage of young birds.

As the streams and pools have been replenished, the frogs are singing loudly again tonight. Birds by day and frogs by night— I have music at whatever hour I go out. I'm not sure how long the frogs will be around, though, as it looks like there will be no more rain this week after all, and next week it will be turning quite warm. The streams will dry up quickly if we get an early heat wave. No days in the eighties are predicted so far, but it is apt to reach the high seventies by next Tuesday. Goodbye, gray days. I'll miss you.

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