rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Let's see, where was I when I was so rudely interrupted by feral electricity?

Oh, yes. The possibility of snow tonight. Well, it's snowing right now. I just looked out the window and the lawn is already white.

And tonight is the night the wheelie bin is supposed to go out. I'd better get it out quick or I'll be slipping and sliding all the way down the driveway. I hope the snow doesn't prevent tomorrow's trash pickup, or if the plow comes by it doesn't heap snow around the bin so the trash truck can't reach it, or if the trash does get picked up there isn't too much snow on the ground tomorrow for me to drag the bin back into the yard.

And all this on top of that disruptive electrical storm.

If it snows all day tomorrow it will be the worst April Fool prank the weather has ever pulled on me. And I'm always so nice to the weather, too, paying it so much attention and writing about it all the time. Ingrate! The weather is a real dick.

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