rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moar Rains

The rain is falling by night again, and has brought some wind with it this time. The oak tree next door periodically shakes, and sprays water over my roof, like a big, wet dog. The sudden tattoo punctuates the rain's regular drumming. The sodden yard glimmers in the pale light. As enjoyable as it all is, the best news is that we'll be getting up to two inches of rain from this storm, which will continue tomorrow. Even if more rain were not ahead next week, this storm's bounty would keep the yard green for quite a while. I can see each day of rain as a reduction of my next water bill. Pennies from heaven.

Early this morning I heard waterfowl flying north. They must be expecting warm weather to return soon, but it probably won't be in the next two weeks. It is now very likely that wee will be getting rain in April, which is a pleasing prospect. The longer spring remains cool, the better. I intend to hoard memories of it with which to cool my thoughts in the hot days of summer.

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