rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

On Runaway Carbon-Based Things

My neck has been so creaky today. I'm probably spending too much time hunched over this slow computer. It might be better for me to spend some time with the hoe. The weeds are coming up in the back yard, and if I hoe them out right now I might not have to do a lot of bending and pulling later. There are actually only a couple of varieties of weeds I need to get rid of— nettles and burrs and foxtails, all of which can be trouble for the feral cats— but they are mixed in with the more benign weeds so they all have to come out if I hoe them. I'd miss those that have interesting little flowers, but if it saves me work later I'd best do it. And as long as I'm careful hoeing surely couldn't be any worse for my neck than the computer is.

True, I'd probably inhale more pollen outdoors, but the increased amount probably wouldn't make me sneeze any more than I'm already sneezing. I could probably use the sunlight, too. I'm sure I'm deathly pale from all the time I've spent indoors. But I'd have to ease into it. The last thing I need is a sunburn in March. You can get away with it in July, but in March you just look ridiculous with a sunburn.

I had to boil up some stuffed pasta for dinner. I had forgotten I had it in the refrigerator, and its expiration date was upon me. Waste not, want not and all that. But now I'm feeling stuffed and logy. Using up the stale bread for garlic toast contributed to that as well, I'm sure. At least I won't be wanting any desert. All I have is cookies and ice cream, and I'm totally carbed out.

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