rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I got next to nothing done today. It's partly because the computer has been so slow, and partly because my brain has been so slow. Here it is going on ten o'clock and I haven't even had dinner yet. It will have to be a sandwich. I don't have the energy to make anything more elaborate. The supermarket ads come out on Wednesday, and that's when I usually make my shopping list, but I haven't even gotten around to that.

All the azaleas that bloomed a few weeks ago are gone, and the camellias are fading fast, but one of the big bushes in the front yard is blooming now and perfuming the night air. I wish it was warm enough to have the windows open so I could freshen the house with that scent. But it's likely to be several weeks before I can have the windows open at night. They were open for a while today, and will be tomorrow as well If I don't forget. Today I didn't remember until mid afternoon, so I missed at least two hours when they could have been open.

My blood sugar has totally crashed. I must go eat something.

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