rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In Which I Fail to Mention that My Cursor Keeps Vanishing

Yesterday turned strange. A thunderstorm came up in the afternoon so I shut the computer down and, after a late lunch, sat down to read to the accompaniment of distant rumbling. But reading failed to keep me awake, and I woke up long after sunset. I never got back to the computer, and ended up falling asleep again not long after midnight. Today I had two days of Internets to catch up on, and the computer decided to be slow, so I've only just now finished with the catching. I guess the machine doesn't appreciate that I probably saved it from the pain of terrible power surges yesterday. Machines are such ingrates.

The rain yesterday was rather late in coming, but made up for it with a splendid downpour that accompanied the thunderstorm. The total rain from this storm was considerably less than we got from the previous one, but because this one got so furious it left an inch of water in the bucket under the leaky skylight on my back porch. The previous storm's hours and hours of slow rain didn't even get the bucket damp.

Today's rain was also late, but wasn't very intense when it finally arrived. Much more interesting was the wind that blew earlier in the day. The pine trees moaned and the new oak leaves fluttered, but because there was no rain there were lots of other noises; dogs barking, kids shouting in the schoolyard upwind, a chain saw somewhere in the woods, and once I was sure I heard a turkey gobble. I've never heard a turkey gobble around here before, and though I listened I didn't hear it again, so maybe I imagined it.

Yesterday's furious storm battered all but one of the azaleas off the bush. The survivor looks awfully lonely. It will probably look even more forlorn tomorrow, when there will probably be much sunlight. There will probably be bees out tomorrow, too, as it is going to warm up again. That one little azalea is going to get lots of attention from them, and will miss its fellows even more.

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