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Bin There [Mar. 3rd, 2014|06:54 pm]
There has been gentle rain all day, and a delightful gray gloom. The sun is supposed to be setting right now, but I'll have to take the experts' word for it as I haven't seen the sun today, and at the moment the western part of the sky is about as dim as the rest of it. The frogs began croaking before the woodpeckers had stopped their evening chatter, but it was hard to hear them as the raindrops were still making a racket. They might continue to fall all night, but there is a good chance that tomorrow will be dry. More storms are on the way, but there will be breaks between them. The soil in my yard is good and wet now, and even if the coming storms are a bust the accumulated damp should keep the plants happy for a couple more weeks at least.

I was going to make some coleslaw, but discovered that the fresh jar of mayonnaise I bought at Safeway yesterday is not fresh after all. It's use-by date was February 28. I'll return it next week, and maybe shame the manager for having expired goods on the shelf. In the meantime, it has thrown off my meal plan for the week. It's more than a five mile round trip to Safeway, and I 'd have to arrange transportation, so I probably won't be exchanging it before next Sunday. If I get a chance to go to the nearer store (only a two-mile round trip) I'll get it there. If I don't, then I've got four meals to re-plan.

Tomorrow is trash pickup, and right now I'm hoping for a break in the rain so I can take the wheelie bin out to the street without getting wet. So far today I haven't seen a single break, so I might have to just put my hoodie up and go. It's the one thing I dislike about having rain on Trash Day Eve.