rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hanging by a Wet Thread

I'll bet that by the time the moon starts getting big again all the clouds will have gone away. Tonights clouds would probably look nice by moonlight, but there will be no moon. For the next couple days there will be only a thin crescent early in the evening. We'll get half a moon a week from tomorrow, but it looks as though we'll be between storms then. Maybe there'll be some good moonlit cloud watching after that, though. The frogs should still be singing then, as their swale has been getting a good soaking which ought to keep them happy for a couple of weeks. I'll be happy as long as it doesn't get warm enough for the mosquitoes to start hatching.

Despite a slight increase in the snowpack, we aren't gaining much on the drought. In order to reach normal by April 1, we'd have to have the equivalent of about 75% of a winter's snowfall in March. I don't think that's ever happened, and it probably never will. With extremely good luck and the wettest March ever we might reach 50% of normal by April 1, but I'm not expecting that, either. I'm already trying to decide which plants I'll let die first this summer. The lawn has to go, and I'm not very attached to the oleanders, so that part is easy. The difficult part will be deciding between the jasmine and just about everything else. The jasmine is pretty thirsty, and to keep it I'd have to abandon almost the entire landscape. If I let the jasmine wither I could saved quite a few other bushes.

I really ought to try to keep the Italian cypress trees alive, too, as they would be quite costly to replace. Plus if they die they will be enormous torches just waiting to be lit. The oaks I'm not too worried about, as they are adapted to the climate, though this year will probably be a severe strain for them. The walnut tree I'm not sure about. I know it won't produce a crop if I let it go without water, but I don't know if the stress would kill it. It takes years to grow a walnut tree, and like the cypress it is pretty costly.

Well, I guess I'll have to wait and decide when the rationing actually gets here. If March turns dry, it might be that I won't have to decide. We might not be allowed to water anything. Then the place will end up looking like Southern California— all scrub and chaparral. At least until it burns and ends up a crispy moonscape.

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