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The big flock of little birds continues to visit the neighborhood every morning, even today when there was a considerable amount of rain falling and the wind was making the pine branches bounce up and down. The birds didn't seem to mind the storm's bluster. They engaged in their usual frolic for an hour or so, then moved on. I have no idea where they come from or where they go. All I know is that they are showing up every morning, as though they had tickets for a show.

The rain has been impressive now and then, but most of the time it has been moderate. I haven't even had to empty the bucket that catches the drips from the skylight on the back porch. During the last storm I had to empty it several times. This evening there were only a few drops in it. We've probably only gotten an inch or so of rain since yesterday morning, and I'm hoping that the next week brings at least a few more inches.

The snow conditions are mixed. Some mountain areas have gotten more than a foot of new snow, while others haven't gotten any. In other words, we're still way behind the normal levels. Some of the Sierra ski resorts didn't even open this year, including Donner Ski Ranch, which has no snow on the ground at all. If the Donner party had gotten weather like we've had this year they wouldn't have had to eat each other.

The rain eased up about an hour ago and I was able to go to the mailbox without getting wet. The feral cats appear happy to have a break, too. They all scattered after dinner as soon as the rain stopped. If they want to stay dry they ought not to go too far from home, though, as the rain is supposed to pick up again around midnight. I'll probably be asleep by then, as I didn't take a nap this afternoon.

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