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Wet [Feb. 26th, 2014|07:45 pm]
The rain began early today, and has continued off and on. So far it hasn't gotten very vigorous, but that could happen tonight. The skylight on the back porch has begun to leak, but hasn't yet dropped much water into the bucket I keep under it. My room does not yet smell of wet insulation.

During lulls in the rain this afternoon there were many birds about, and I even heard an owl hooting. I think the birds are enjoying the rain. It softens the ground and brings the worms up. The small birds get the worms, and the owl probably gets the small birds. I don't know who will get the owl, but it won't be my feral cats. They are staying on the porch or in the garage most of the time. Kitties like to stay dry.

I think I hear a bit of wind kicking up. It must be pretty stiff if I can hear the pines whispering through the closed windows. Maybe the storm is about to liven up. I must go out and listen to it.