rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


If the forecast is correct, soft rain could be falling by this time tomorrow night. Later, the rain won't be so soft. There might even be thunderstorms and furious, wind-whipped downpours. Today we had only the thinest wisps of clouds, and the bees were buzzing and the camellias and azaleas gleaming in the bright sunshine, but this evening the air is cooling rapidly and breezes are stirring the leaves. It's even beginning to feel a bit damp out there. I can hardly wait.

The best news about the approaching storms is that they are a bit colder than those that came through recently, and that means there could be some snow in the mountains. It won't be enough to bring the snow pack anywhere near normal for the time of year, but it will help keep reservoirs from going completely dry this summer. Here are some photos from before the drought began, with overlays of more recent photos showing just how close to empty three of the major reservoirs in northern California have gotten.

Entirely aside from the need for rain, I'll be glad to have a few more gray days after all the recent sunshine. I think I sleep better when there is an overcast. And I'll bet that the frogs I hear croaking tonight will be even happier than I will once their stream has been replenished.

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