rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A wind has arisen, and cold sprinkles of rain are falling. The approaching storm will apparently be less tropical than the previous one, but it will also be less intense and of shorter duration. It might be a good thing that my shopping trip has been delayed due to transportation issues. Monday is apt to be dry and a bit warmer than tomorrow. I won't be running out of anything (except fresh vegetables, which I've already run out of) so the delay is not especially inconvenient. Plus having a rainy day free means I can spend the afternoon drinking tea or hot chocolate and reading instead of getting soaked.

I've been going through my YouTube favorites list, accumulated over the last couple of years. About fifteen or twenty percent of the videos have either been blocked or removed. With those that have been blocked I can usually find other copies of them, but when they have been removed I don't even know what they were. It's rather disconcerting (YouTube has dissed my concert!) I cared enough about them to add them to the list, and now I don't even know what they were. The loss of the videos is thus aggravated by the loss of my memory of them. I wish I had a list that stuck around even when the videos themselves were removed. Then I'd at lest know what I was missing.

The wind seems to be getting stronger. Every now and then my window rattles. I do hope it doesn't bring down my drooping telephone line that I keep forgetting to report to at&t. It really needs to be cinched up. With a slight jump I'd be able to swat it. I won't, of course, as that might bring it down even faster than the wind would. Now I must wait until Monday to report it, so I'll worry about losing telephone (and Internets!) all weekend. Then just watch me forget to report it again on Monday because I'm thinking about the shopping trip.

Now I'm going to go out and see how the rain is doing. I don't think it will get cold enough to turn it to sleet, but it might. Brrr.

Oh, and my gas bill came and is about fifteen dollars more than I was expecting it to be. Bummer.

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