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For the first time in months I got wet while fetching the mail. I'm happy as an immersed clam. Wind came up this afternoon and blew a lot of rain onto the back porch, and it shines when the light falls on it. The rain has even gotten loud enough to hear inside the house now and then, and the downspouts are all gurgling. The wind also took a small limb off of an oak tree next door and it fell in my back yard. If I used my fireplace I'd have some wood to burn, once it got dried out. That probably wouldn't be for quite some time, though, as the rain will continue for the next two days, and there could be more next week after a couple of days break. My plants are going to be happy too, if plants get happy. At least they won't get dead.

This is a pretty warm rain, as it comes from the mid-Pacific and not the north, as winter storms usually do. It's an uncommonly soggy storm, too. We've already had more than an inch of rain, and will probably get at least an inch tomorrow and probably Sunday as well. There could be four feet of snow at the higher elevations. That's only about a quarter of what we'd normally have by this time of year, but it will help moderate the drought. Two or three more periods as wet as this before spring and there probably wouldn't be any domestic water rationing this year, though agriculture would still be getting less than normal. The fresh produce apocalypse would be avoided for another year, though.

Best of all, my ceiling hasn't shown any signs of dripping yet. I'm not even smelling the wet newspaper small of sodden insulation. It's very apt to show up during the next two days, though, so I'm keeping buckets handy. Aside from that one risk, and the fact that I couldn't get out to pick up some cat litter that was on sale only today, I'm delighted by the storm. The feral cats aren't happy about it, but I'm sure they'll get over it eventually.

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