rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Due to transportation issues, my appointment with the chiropractor has been delayed until next week. Why does that always happen when my neck really really needs an adjustment? At least the clouds are going to prevent me from straining my neck looking at the moon and stars. There's nothing to see tonight be darkness, and I can easily see that from the couch by closing my eyes. I wouldn't want to go outside anyway, because it's freezing out there. Last night the feral cats' water bowls froze over again, and it will be just as cold tonight.

Starting Wednesday, the extended forecast says there will be a chance of rain every day for the next eight days. The only day with 100% chance is Sunday (just in time for my next shopping trip,) but with that many days there is bound to be at least a little bit of rain. The nights will be cold enough that there is bound to be at least a little bit of snow, too. It's been so dry this year that I'd be happy if it rained every day in February. Well, as long as my roof doesn't leak too badly. Oh, and as long as it doesn't snow a week from tomorrow. I don't want to have my neck adjustment delayed yet another week.

This evening I heard geese flying over the house. They were headed north. It wouldn't surprise me if it's going to be warmer in Canada than it is here. It wouldn't surprise me if the geese knew that. I think geese might be smarter than us.

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