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Promise [Feb. 2nd, 2014|06:50 pm]
Tonight I expected to see the crescent moon, but it has been cloudy all day and the clouds are not clearing. My disappointment is assuaged by the possibility that there could be rain. A slim possibility tonight, but a possibility nevertheless. But things are looking better for the next week. The forecasts are changing daily. The chilly, dry days we expected are now apt to turn wet.

Something in the atmosphere has shifted, and winter seems poised to take back its time. With luck, there could even be some snow, and every inch of snow on the mountains is good for more fruits and vegetables in the valley. The clouds that hide the moon are thus like a tablecloth being spread. Whether it is being spread for a few more morsels or for a feast remains to be seen, but it could be that February, unlike January, will be kind to the coming spring and summer. We can hope it will.

Sunday Verse

Evening: Night

by Bruce Dawe

At such a mauve
moment as this the glamorous
evening walks abroad,

Who sees her pass,
whether as a mere deepening
of the air's texture, or

As a darkness
risen insistent as scent
under the distant trees

Will sigh later
in the night to remember her
deft pastel elegance,

Preferring it
to that of the diamond-bosomed
neon-wristed one

he walks with then…