rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blow Away

A single daffodil bloomed yesterday, but today it is drooping. Last night's cold air must have damaged it. I don't see any more buds, so maybe the rest of the plants won't bloom during the cold spell. The cold spell might last a couple of weeks, or it might last through March. However long it lasts, it's going to be the closest to actual winter weather we've had since early December, but unfortunately it will probably continue to be dry. The air smells much fresher now that it has cooled off, except when there is a whiff of wood smoke from some fireplace. I do wish people wouldn't burn rotten wood.

Shopping is going to be depressing this week. There are too many bargains, and I won't have the cash to take advantage of all of them. I'll have to decide which to buy and which to forgo, and that's always depressing. The week should improve after Tuesday, though, as I have an appointment with the chiropractor that day and my neck is really ready for the adjustment. But the week could turn bad quickly if the power fails. The pilot light on the heater in the den has gone out again, and I can't get it re-lit. As that's my only backup heat source, I could get very, very cold on those upcoming nights when the temperature drops into the twenties. Even with the weather stripping added a couple of years ago, this house is still leaky.

So January is ending already. February has sneaked up on me. I can't say I'm sorry to see January go, but I wish it wasn't going to just dry up and blow away in a chilly wind.

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