rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today's clouds were dry, but their presence helped keep the ground damp. I didn't see much of the day, though, as I kept falling asleep. Last night I slept about five hours, then another two hours this morning, and then about three hours, off and on, this afternoon. Because of the intermittent napping, I missed the ends of three movies. They weren't especially good movies, so it's no big deal, but annoying anyway. Also because of the intermittent napping I decided not to try making anything oven-related for dinner. The risk of falling asleep while it was cooking seemed too great. Something charred to a crisp in the oven would be a cleanup nightmare, so I just heated some beans on the stove.

Now I'm trying to decide which movies I'll fall asleep to tonight. I'm pretty sure I'm not slept out, as I still feel a bit tired. It must be that I'm catching up on sleep I lost over the last couple of weeks. Chilly days and nights are the best time to do that, as I can leave the thermostat lower and just pile on some extra blankets. There's no chance of missing any rain as there probably won't be another storm for at least ten days. The little bit of rain time I got yesterday will have to last me a long time.

The good news is that the creepy blue Christmas lights on the house up the block have finally been turned off. I was afraid I'd have to be seeing those things until spring. The night is back to normal, and I can look in that direction again.

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