rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blew It

A wind came up late last night, and it has been blowing ever since. The trimming of the mulberry tree had to be postponed, to prevent sawdust from blowing everywhere. It might get done tomorrow. All afternoon, doors were slamming themselves and bits of lawn furniture were overturning. Numerous twigs and a few small branches have been wrenched from the trees, but fortunately the leaves and dead pine needles have long since fallen, so only the few I've left unraked have been blown about. The lights have flickered occasionally, indicating a risk of wind-induced power outage, so I've been reluctant to spend much time on the computer. This aging machine would not take well to power surges, so I'm going to give my friends page a quick read and then turn it off. I hope the power doesn't go off while my dinner is in the oven. Half-baked macaroni and cheese is not pleasant.

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