rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

March On

This would be considered a mild January even in Los Angeles. The good thing is that it cut about forty dollars off of my gas bill. Unless February turns cold, it could do the same next month. I've decided to not even think about what it might do to my water bill next summer, but I suspect that this gift horse has really bad gum disease.

The moon, now shrinking, arrived later tonight, so there was an hour of deep darkness. I had forgotten to freshen the feral cats' water bowls in the back yard, and the back porch light is still burned out, so the task had to be done by flashlight. I ended up losing control of the hose at one point and soaking my pant leg. It didn't matter because the evening was fairly warm. The afternoon had gotten up to 75 degrees, and it is still pleasant outside now, approaching midnight. The next few days should be cooler, though. It will be pleasant March weather instead of the pleasant April weather we've been having. I'm surprised that none of the flowers are blooming yet.

The house feels a bit warmer tonight, even though it actually isn't. It's because the humidity keeps dropping. The air is now so desiccated that it feels like the desert has moved in. Maybe it has.

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