rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fo' Drizzle

While it did finally rain today, we were too far from the main part of the storm and ended up just getting about ten hours of slow drizzle. I didn't even hear anything trickling from the downspouts. Now there is intermittent moonlight as the clouds begin breaking up. Tomorrow will be sunny, and the little damp on the ground will soon evaporate. There will be no significant break in the irrigation schedule. And here I was ready to listen to rain falling for hours. I miss hearing it.

I just discovered a miscalculation in my checkbook. There is less money than I thought there was, so I'm going to have to do triage on my shopping list for tomorrow. Because I have so much stuff on the shelf there's no chance of starving, but my menu is going to be duller than I'd expected this week. I could always dip into the mad money again, but I did that so often last year that the sum is already seriously diminished. In fact it barely qualifies as mad money anymore. It's more like episode of mild eccentricity money. I'd better conserve it.

YouTube has done something annoying. I sometimes like to listen to a particular song two or more times. For the last couple of days, I have been unable to get any videos to repeat. It's possible to wait until the song is ending and then click on the beginning to start it over, but if I wait for it to end completely I find that the play button just doesn't restart it. They must be wanting people to move on to other videos and watch more ads. Joke's on them. I always mute the ads and go look at some other web page while they are playing anyway.

The split shift sleep schedule has been back for the last couple of days. It's disturbing to wake from an afternoon nap to find that it has gone on too long and the sun has already set. I'll bet it looked nice too, with all the clouds just beginning to break up.

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