rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The air feels damp tonight. I imagined I felt a couple of drops of mist, but I'm sure it was just wishful thinking. The damp is real, though. I wouldn't be surprised to find dew on the plants tomorrow morning— assuming I'm awake at that hour to find it. Dew won't count as watering, though, so I'm still going to have to keep irrigating the yard.

It's annoying to keep dragging the hose around in cold weather. The water feels icy coming out of it. It has to be done while there is still some daylight, which means I have to adjust my schedule (such as it is) to accommodate the extra task. Watering fits into a summer evening nicely, but it feels wrong on a winter afternoon. That's the time I should be in the house with a cup of tea and a book, or the computer.

This evening dogs were barking more than usual all over the neighborhood. Maybe they know something we don't. If they do, then my cats are as ignorant as I am. They lazed about pretty much as usual. The birds didn't seem particularly upset, either. Whatever the dogs know must be something that concerns only them. What concerns me is the continued absence of rain, and I doubt that the dogs care about that, so I guess I'll ignore their frenzy, whatever it was about. It was probably just a canine fad.

The cooling trend is continuing, so the furnace is running more frequently each day. It didn't get serviced again this year, so I hope it holds out. Oh, and I still haven't gotten around to washing the HVAC filter. Too bad my brain hasn't held out as well as the furnace has.
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