rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The first head yanking of 2014 is done, and seems to have gone well enough. I hope it keeps my neck from getting cranky for a couple of weeks. I would have missed the appointment had someone not come by to wake me up, as I nodded off on the couch again just half an hour before I was to leave for the chiropractor's office. I need a keeper these days. Or maybe a smart phone to send me emergency wake-up calls.

The moon is about half full tonight, but the air has turned too chilly for me to spend much time watching it. The clouds vanished by mid afternoon today, and what warmth we gathered is now dissipating into the naked sky. Alas, the chance of rain on Saturday has been downgraded from 70% to 50%. I've decided not to expect it at all, so if any falls it will be a pleasant surprise.

Because I didn't get a proper nap this afternoon I'll probably get to sleep fairly early tonight. Getting my head yanked is always a bit tiring, anyway, so it's just as well. There's nothing to do, and nothing especially good on cable, so I might as well sleep, though I'd rather not do it before midnight. I don't want to end up waking before dawn. It makes even the short winter days seem too long.

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