rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A nice breeze came up this afternoon and grew quite gusty at times, but died down by evening. Tonight the air is still, and the crescent moon is grinning. I don't stay out for long because it has rapidly grown chilly. The mild afternoons are spoiling me.

Last night there was a power outage just before nine o'clock. I dug out my portable light and read for a while, but then went to sleep under a pile of blankets before ten o'clock and didn't wake up until Portia began pestering me about half past six. The power was back on, but I don't know how long the outage lasted because the only electric clock that could pick up where it left off is no longer working. That's the closest I've come to a normal night's sleep in ages. Maybe we should have power outages more often. Or maybe I could just turn off the television earlier.

Sleeping so many hours in a row did leave my back achy, though. I guess I just can't stay in one position for very long anymore. I do have to get up and walk around every half hour or so when I'm sitting, but I usually manage to get through three or four hours of sleep without a problem. For now, at least. I'll bet that if I could learn to sleepwalk I'd be able to sleep eight hours at a stretch without problems, too. But I don't think there's a course that teaches sleepwalking. You just have to be lucky.

Tomorrow is the first grocery shopping of the year, and I've got a fairly short list. I'm still eating 2013's foods. In fact might still be eating 2012's pasta. There's a lot of pasta in my cupboard, and I never bother to check the expiration dates on the boxes. Well, as long as I don't have any of 2012's cheese there's probably no reason to worry. And at least the beer is fresh.

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